We are a DOJ and FBI Approved Location!

Our rolling fees is $35 and covers only the operator cost. Applicants must present a valid photo identification to the Live Scan Operator. Expired identification cards will not be accepted. Rolling fees vary from location to location and cover only the operator’s cost for rolling the fingerprints. Additional processing fees are required for the State (DOJ: $32.00) and Federal (FBI: $17.00) level criminal history record checks. Applicant must pay DOJ & FBI fees if billing number is not provided on the Live Scan form.

Please note all fees are approximates and may change over time and depending on the level of service required per form. Forms are  provided for your convenience, however you are responsible for ensuring the correctness of the required form.

Adoption$35 or $99
Adult Residential Care Facility$94
Alarm Agent$84
Alcohol & Beverage Control License$35 or $84
Ambulance Driver (DMV)$67
Attorney$35 or $99
Board of Psychology$84
California Lottery Retailer$35
Cemetery Sales$84
Certified Nurses Assistant$67
Child Care Center 6 or less$67
Child Care Center 6 or more$109
Contractors State License Board$84
Dealer License (DMV)$67
Dental Board of California$84
Diocese Church Employee$84
Diocese Church Volunteer$35 or $67
Diocese School Employee$84
Diocese School Volunteer$35 or $67
Division of Labor Standards$35
Driving School Instructor / Employee$67
Elderly Care Facility$94
EMT - (FBI if 7 years out of CA)$84
EMT-I Certification$84
Family Day Care$67
FBI hard card ink prints on FD258$35 per card
FBI Record Review$35 or $99
Firearms Eligibility Certificate$106
Foster Family Adoption Employee$109
Foster Family Homeme$67 or $99
Group Home 6 or less$67
Group Home 6 or more$109
Immigration Consultant$84
Insurance License$84
IHSS: In Home Support$62
Medical Board of California$35
Notary Public$84
Nursing - RN$84
Pharmacy Wholesaler$84
Phlebotomy$67 or $84
Physical Therapist$84
Physician - Medical Board$35
Post Certification Firearms$86
Professional Tutors$67 or $84
Pyrotechnic Operator$67
Real Estate Appraiser$84
Real Estate License$84
Record Review (DOJ)$60
Registered Nursing$84
Registered Nursing Renewal$84
DMV Registration Services / (BPA)$67
DMV Sales Person or Dealer Licencing$67
Repossession Agency$84
Residential Care Elderly$94
School Employees$35 or $67 or $84
School Volunteers$35 or $67 or $84
Security Guard (Investigative Services)$84
Security Guard w/Firearm$122
Senior Day Care$94
Small Family Home$67
Speech Language Pathology & Audio$84
Teaching Credential$84
Trust Line$35 or $99
Veterinary Technician/Veterinarian$84
Victim of Identity Theft$35
Visa/Immigration (DOJ)$67
Vocational Nurse$84

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